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The question is, do you want to date someone who's digging you or digging for gold?A gold digger can be hard to spot with the untrained eye.Your financial portfolio doesn't have to be fully exposed.If that person expects to be lavished with expensive gifts that you can’t afford, run!Granted, most ladies are concerned about your financial stability because they don’t want to waste their time with a slacker who is going to ruin their good credit score.The difference between being financially concerned and a gold-digger is that a gold-digger wants you to provide for them financially, and would ultimately leave you if you lost this ability.

When they visit these establishments, don’t think that they’ll be purely focused on you – they’re constantly on the prowl for someone richer than you to see what they can offer her.

No matter how many times you attempt to redirect her head south, she won’t suck your cock, let alone welcome a friendly motorboat on those D cups. Real gold-diggers won’t engage in any kind of physical activity unless given an incentive. Get ready to max out your credit card with jewelry, shoes or a new designer handbag.

The ‘pay before you play’ policy ensures you both get what you want – at a price.

By enticing you to ride her bareback, she is hoping for you to impregnate her and either end up your wife or sucking child support payments out of you, which she will probably spend on herself, for the next 18 years.

If you find yourself in the red after a few months of dating, or even considering taking out a personal loan to finance the bitch – it’s time to kiss that gold digging whore goodbye.

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