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Lisa was almost the exact opposite of Mary Ellen; thin, very small, almost non-existent breasts, very long straight brown hair and a pretty face.I also noticed she had on tight jeans and her ass looked great.It sounded stupid to me, but when Lisa stood up and I saw how nice her ass looked in her jeans I thought, what the heck I don't mind being in here with HER for a while. It started out with a bunch of lame 'truths', and I was getting bored, until Lisa asked Mary Ellen if she had ever French-kissed a boy.She blushed and said no, and then I took a 'dare' from Mary Ellen.

I heard them in the foyer laughing and giggling, and then they passed through to the kitchen and I got a quick 'hello' from her friend (Lisa).

I've been inspired by stories on this GREAT site to share the following experience from many years ago.

Unlike some of the stories I've read on here, this absolutely happened and is completely true.

I had no idea what they were up to, but just thought they were being stupid teenage girls.

I watched TV for another hour or so, and was getting bored, and every once in a while I heard more laughter from upstairs.

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