Sexy hidden roommate cameras

I could have her anytime I want, and she will beg me to fuck her harder and cum deep inside her." "You are so full of shit, not even for money, she's not like the whores you always bring in here" I have to admit, it was getting a little heated and I was losing my temper. I bet you can't seduce her, even if the two of you are alone she won't let you anywhere near her." "Really; then prove it. It don't matter what you want from me cuz I won't lose" "Ok, if I can't get up in her I'll give 00 and you can drive my convertible for two weeks.

Get her sexy little ass over hear and we'll find out which of us knows her better" "Fine, what are the stakes? When I get done fuckin her you will owe me 00 and I get you motorcycle for two weeks" "I don't have a 00, you know that" "Ok, since I'm risking a grand and my car, I want value for value.

She wants it bro, she's got a fever and nigga dick is the cure." Of course I blew him off when he would start up, it was just his way of having fun trying to get me riled up. If she had a fault, it would be that sometimes she got a kind of high and mighty attitude with some people.

Especially people she thought couldn't control their urges.

She doesn't like you, want you, or care anything about you.

She thinks you are a jerk and is only semi cordial to you because you're my roommate." "Jeff buddy, keep telling yourself that, but I can see these things in a hoe's eyes, and Jen wants it bad. Finally I without thinking first I blurted out, "I know she wouldn't fuck you no matter what.

She is 5'5" with long straight golden blonde hair, blue eyes, soft silky smooth skin, perky b-cup breasts with big pointy nipples and a perfectly toned athletic body.

If I get my dick in her even for five seconds with her consent I get your bike, if she lets me bust in her cunt you owe me a bj" "What! You know for certain that I won't be able to get near your precious perfect Jen.

Don't bitch up now, show your faith in her" "Fine, it's a bet." We shook on it and it was settled.

As soon as I walked in the house he started, "hey Jeff, did you see how hot Jen was for me today? I can't believe she didn't jump me right here on the couch." "Yeah whatever man, she really wants you, and you're all she talks about." "If she wants me in her that bad maybe I should give her some" "Dude, seriously.

It's kind of getting old hearing this all the time.

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