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and CAHILL, Suzanne E.; Recent advances in understanding the mystery of ancient chinese Magic Mirrors a brief summary of Chinese Analytical and Experimental Studies, Chinese Science, 1987 image source: / explanatory video: https://v=l3u-8ritvmq#t=54 7 GATTON, Matt; excerpts from The Eleusinian Projector: The hierophant s optical method of conjuring the Goddess, source: BURNS, Paul: The History of the discovery of the Cinematography, published in electronic format in 1997 effect.The rudiments of image creation have been known for hundreds of thousands of years and image projection for at least 2,500 years.But if we think of simple Shadow Plays or the Cameras Obscura found in nature (e.g. Images projected through pinholes in a cave RASKAR, Ramesh; WELCH, Greg; FUCH, Henry: Spatially Augmented Reality, Dep. Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / First International Workshop on Augmented reality, San Francicsco, Nov.1, GATTON, Matt; CARREON, Leah; CAWEIN, Madison; BROCK, Walter; and SCOTT, Valerie.The Camera Obscura and the Origin of Art: The case for image projection in the Paleolithic in the Official Proceedings of the XV World Congress of the Union or a tent 3 might have been the very first projected (moving) image experience of humankind.People invented agriculture and become aware of the movement of the sun, subordinating their ritual architecture and designing it to synchronize with passage of the sun s rays: the Passage Graves dating from the Neolithic Age (Newgrange in Ireland and Maeshowe in Scotland), the illuminated inner sanctuaries of Pharaoh Temples in Ancient Egypt sun-powered resurrection machines that somehow effected a merger of the pharaoh s soul with the sun god, 4 and the first, and most famous example the great temple of Abu Simbel, where twice a year the sun s rays illuminate the divine statues; the rock cut temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel has a throw of 60 m, projecting an image of the sun over 0.5 m in diameter into the inner sanctuary.

The sun was the first and remains our planet s prime projector.He knew and taught that objects reflect light and called it shinning forth 8.The light transmitting mirrors called t ou kuang ching, first made during the Western Han period (206 BC AD 9), had the ability to project patterns: when a strong light strikes the undecorated, polished front surface and is reflected onto a wall or screen, the patterns decorating the back of the mirror mysteriously appear in the reflection 9.Never in history have so many people had so much access to such powerful projectors as today.From the nightclub, home movie theatre to the art gallery and outdoor art installations, projectors have broken out of the cinemas and become ubiquitous.

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