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There is not the least of an atom in the Qur'an but proves that there is only one Creator.

After recognizing that, one has to pray exactly as demonstrated by the holy apostle.

Alevis believe in the unity of Allah, Muhammad, and Ali, but this is not a trinity composed of God and the historical figures of Muhammad and Ali.

Plurality is the separation of pure consciousness from the divine source.

This I notice not done by 99.9999% of the followers of the holy apostle. I was in your New York Islamic and Cultural center including your CAIR in Washington, but no one paid attention to me.

I observed how the zuhr prayer was performed in the Washington mosque.

This site specializes in an all Islamic library and the prime focus of the site are books written by the salafi scholars such as the renown Sheikh Salih Al-Fawzan among others.

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