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Aided by his 'Barker', Tinker Dill, and an apprentice, Eric Catchpole, son of the local butcher, he sets out to unravel the meaning behind a coal carving of a Japanese firefly cage.

His 'rival' is Charlie Gimbert, his landlord and owner of the local auction house. NOTE: Ronald Frazer appears in this episode as Drummer, but later appears in episode 17 as Michael Edwards.

Things are not helped by Eric's 'bin diving.' Katia Caballero [ Rosita Lujemillo ], Trevor Byfiled [ Jeff Diamond ], John Stratton [ Prof.

David Hayward ], Roger Ashton-Griffiths [ Longstaff ], Paul Kynman [ Bernie ], Mark Crowdy [ Nick Bellenger ], Jack Ellis [ DI Hogg ], Jessica Carney [ Hotel Receptionist ], Malcolm Terris [ Ronnie Bassett ], Cougar [ 'Ded Lizards' ] Alexander An Incan trinket, which has been sold to Eric, brings a bit of black magic to East Anglia, including a couple of murders.

Collins [ Reg ], Michael O'Hagan [ Publican ], Gay Hamilton [ Susan Robinson ], Mary Maude [ Annabel ] Ashley Wilkes drives around the countryside painting pictures of delightful cottages, and seducing the female owners.This is the first of three appearances by Anthony Jackson as Brian, the mechanic. Oliver Cotton [ Frobel (Bert) ], Yves Marie Maurin [ Vial ], Zienia Merton [ Miss Taylor ], Stewart Harwood [ Catesby ], Oscar Quitak [ Coin Dealer ], Mark Monero [ Woody ], David Caddick [ Auctioneer ], Imogen Claire [ Stall Holder ], Janine Gore [ Secretary ], Gary Owen [ American ] Dandy Jack, Bigelow, Amanda Lovejoy buys a Welsh dresser, in which is hidden a valuable Arab wedding headdress, festooned with gold ducats.Catesby, the recently released from prison son of the dead man whose property was being sold at Gimbert's auction house, says that he was promised the dresser.Lovejoy sells the piece back, without the headdress. To complicate matters, an Income Tax officer is also after Lovejoy.Kika Mirylees [ Corinna Hope ], Leslie French [ Cuthie ], Jo Ross [ Helen ], Ellis Dale [ Maple ], Russell Keith Grant [ David ], Charlotte Edwards [ Kate Lovejoy ], Paul Antrim [ DS Steve Hill ], Mark Penfold [ DS Lloyd ], Mark Monero [ Woody ], Jenny Logan [ Antique Shop Owner ], Peter Tuddenham [ Auctioneer ], Ron Tarr [ Loader ], Norman Fisher [ Signalman ] Bigelow, Amanda, Dandy Jack, Alexander, Mrs Cameron Lovejoy is trying to help a young woman trace a pair of Meissen figures, which she had sold to raise cash for a drug habit.

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