Dating norms in england

I was told that you were the architect in this city. It was reported that the flowers were killed by frost./ The flowers were reported to be killed by frost. I am informed that the director is going to take a business trip to England. It was announced that the meeting was delayed until next week. It was discovered that this cotton was grown in Egypt. It is promised that the performance will start on time. It is recommended that we should stay at the city center. It was believed that Alice would pass the driving test./ Alice was believed to pass the driving test. All the workers are notified that they will have to work extra hard this month. I have been persuaded that they will go with me to the stadium. It has been decided that the company will go to the beach together at the weekend. It is thought that Maradona is the best football player in the 20th century./ Maradona is thought to be the best football player in the 20th century. It is found that the job is not suitable for a girl like her./ The job is found to be not suitable for a girl like her. It was explained that this powerful engine pulled the train. I was told that his football team had played well last season.

We had this photograph taken when we were on holiday last summer.

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Her ticket was showed to the airline agent(by her).

She often gets the technician to maintain the heater.

Are you going to have the shoemaker repair your shoes?

Câu bị động được sử dụng khi bản thân chủ thể không tự thực hiện được hành động. (Tiền của tôi bị trộm mất ngày hôm qua.) Ta thấy chủ thể là “tiền của tôi” không thể tự “trộm” được mà bị một ai đó “trộm” nên câu này ta cần sử dụng câu bị động.

Trong đó: be: động từ “to be”, Vp II: Động từ phân từ hai CHÚ Ý: Động từ “to be” sẽ chia theo thì và chia theo chủ ngữ. (Bữa ăn vừa mới được nấu.) Ta thấy “bữa ăn” không thể tự thực hiện việc “nấu” nên ta cần sử dụng câu bị động.

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