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b) Utilities without airconditioning will be perhaps a thousand rupees for shared internet and electricity. Bangalore apartment owners have a reputation for demanding 11 months advance rental, sometimes negotiable and d) Mobile phones/local calls etc are very cheap. Your best bet is to enter into an existing apartment sharing arrangement with people who are not strangers, or a paying guest arragement- you may be able to avoid the deposit and setting up costs will be lower- or you can pitch in financially without buying/renting too much new stuff. My two cents: I lived in a large PG in Bangalore some years ago, and I was the first and only foreigner living there at that time.

Maybe I was just lucky, but both the landlady and the girls were lovely to me and went out of their way to help me in every ways.

An idea of what you are comfortable spending on these things would help people advise. Haha, yes, I do understand your reaction to the unpaid internship. However, a BA in polisci and anthropology is not the most lucrative thing these days!

Add to that the fact that I'd like to build a career in conflict resolution/cross cultural business consulting grounded in South's a very difficult field to get into.

Whether I can stay for 6 months, 9 months or even one year depends on how much I have to shell out.

I have been to India before to conduct research, so I do have some idea of the rigors of daily life - crowded streets, long commute times, etc. My biggest concern is being able to secure housing and manage to pay my student loans and health insurance (in USD, of course!! I've researched hostel, paying guest and bare bones apartment options on Sulekha and other websites. I absolutely need the internship for professional development, but cannot go bankrupt in the process.

Would I be accepted/comfortable living as the only foreign woman in a hostel? What kind of privacy and independence does a hostel/renting a room afford me?

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I know that few of these are available in Bangalore in your area, but there are some.A typical Indian 'hostel' will be a bad option for many reasons to do with privacy, facilities, hygiene and poor infrastructure.Whatever the decision, I would avoid paying for anything unseen.When I lived in Bangalore, it would have been difficult to rent a place where you could invite a member of the opposite sex for a visit etc., but maybe things have moved on since then.Hopefully someone living in Bangalore now will come along with more up to date information.

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